INNOVATIVE MATCH’s six-month Date Smart Coaching Program is a customized, holistic program designed for the newly single or those who have started meeting people but want to optimize their ability to navigate the dating world.

Success in the dating world starts with discovering your Best Self. In this program, INNOVATIVE MATCH will work with you to identify where you are in your life today, what matters to you, and what has and has not worked in the past. By building a clear picture of who and where you are today, INNOVATIVE MATCH will help you determine what type of partner would work best, so that you can focus on finding the right person for you.

With that foundation, INNOVATIVE MATCH will collaborate with you to develop your Next Chapter strategy and a results-oriented action plan. The team will work closely with you on developing your own network and optimizing results with a portfolio of date-smart approaches for the 21st century. Whether you are using online dating sites, a matchmaking firm, friends introducing you to their single friends, other method of meeting people or all of the above, this program will optimize your results.

The Date Smart Coaching Program is customized to each individual, keeping you in the driver’s seat and providing:

  • Help discovering and honing your Best Dating Self e.g. style, wardrobe, hair, makeup, fitness etc.
  • A deep understanding of today’s “dating landscape”– new norms, conventions, networks, venues, resources and activities geared for relationship-minded singles energized and excited about their Next Chapter and finding the One.
  • Customized strategy sessions prior to dates
  • Resilience coaching and support during the early days of dating
  • Post-date follow-up reviews providing feedback and next-step recommendations
  • Continued guidance with new and developing relationships
  • Ongoing coaching throughout the journey of a long-term relationship

Clients in this program enjoy three hours of phone consultation a week for the first month, and two hours a week for months two through six.