Our Services

Our clients come to us at various stages of their lives and having different goals. As a result, we keep our services flexible and tailored to your objectives and where you are today. We spend time talking with you and understanding your needs, and then we develop a program customized to create the best dating process for you.

And because the only constant is change, we can make adjustments to your program as you go along if your goals change from what they were originally. Nothing is set in stone, and everything is designed around your life!

The four steps on our dating program are

  1. Strategize
  2. Identify
  3. Manage
  4. Coach


Where are you in your life? Divorced, widowed, never been married, looking to meet people and expand your social circle, seeking love, hoping for marriage? We talk to you about where you are and where you’ve been to help create the foundation for your individualized program.


We all come with a story. What is yours? Together we look at your past relationships, what has worked and what hasn’t (and why). We look closely at your lifestyle, schedule, career, activities, hobbies, family, and more in order to identify what kind of partner would fit your lifestyle—and enhance it!


Once we identify the right type of partner for you, we show you where to look for them. We help you get online, write stunning profiles and post fabulous photos, or show you how to work with your existing social circles or even open them up through clubs or sports or other activities. There is no right answer to how you get there—the route is yours to choose, but we’ll help you learn how to maximize the options.


A dating coach helps advise you throughout the process. We’re looking at both the trees and the forest, offering honest advice, whatever is going on. Do you need to move on, give someone another chance, pay attention to communication patterns, speak up? We help you see what is really working and what is not. Coaching begins with the first date and goes from there.

Contact us to begin the conversation about developing a dating program specifically for you!