About Us

The Story of Us.

Three girls. Overcame insurmountable loss before the age of 20. Terminal brain cancer. Poverty. Escape from Czechoslovakia. Hit bottom


Survived (or Resilience!)

 Left to their own devices, they learned how to fend for themselves,  became the heros of their own stories, realizing  that they change the endings anytime.

Fast forward.. through three decades in the dating industry, over 10,000 coaching thousands of singles:  Founder & CEO, 30-year veteran, author, speaker, expert. Law firm Partnr Phi beta kappa, 5 languages, hundreds of clients, helps women, divorce specialty. Fortune 50 Senior Executive, Harvard & an MBA, widowed after 18-year marriage, dating anthropologist.  They commit to taking

Launching new arms (including ConfidenceShop) of Innovative-Match.com

Mission: To help singles be the best versions of themselves and to find their best relationship.